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Following a full static and functional assessment to include hip, knee, ankle and foot joint ranges of motion. The Podiatrist could suggest that you may benefit from wearing a discreet in-shoe orthotic. These insoles work to help give support and control to the foot and so effect ankle, knee and hip position to help re-align the limb segments to aid the smooth transition of forces during gait.

These orthotic insoles are now available to suit a variety of applications. From increased shock absorption in a high arched rigid foot to increased control in a flexible flatfoot. For diabetic patients we offer orthotic insoles to help remove and re-distribute pressure away from painful, prominent areas. Biomechanics



As an adjunct to orthotic therapy, acupuncture is offered by the practice to help manage soft tissue irritation of the tendons and ligaments. It has also been useful in managing oseoarthritic joint pain in the foot and leg.